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My Head hurts from thinking too many Stories that I can make for Deviantart. I've been on this new site where you can make your own story. I scheduled a Story to make on Here and on The other Site as Well. This Story is a part of a Series that I made on The Other Site called When Worlds Collide. I made this W.W.C. Series for a Long time. I started The Series in 10/5/16. Now My When Worlds Collide Series is growing more and more. The Story I scheduled is a FNAF Story.
This Story will include TJOC: R, Final Nights 3, FNAC 3, ETC. There's going to be a lot of characters in this story. I haven't think of a name for this FNAF Story yet, But I'm working on it, Anyway Me, My brother, and My Good Friend Zucchinifighter626 are going to be in this story as well. I'm going to make The Cast Tomorrow. For now I'm going to make a Teaser Image of This Story, and Maybe one of the Teasers will show the Official Name of this Story

By The Way I played Five Nights at Candy's 3 and I now have two Worst Nightmares

1st Worst Nightmare is Monster Vinnie

2nd Worst Nightmare is...

I won't tell you yet, Because I may Spoil it to all of ya.

Play the Game to Find out who it is...

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Submitted on
March 5